Watch Star Sports Live In HD Quality

Star Sports 1 is one of the most famous cricket streaming channels in India. When you think cricket you get to think about Star Sports 1 for sure. It is available in different languages such as English, Hindi, and Telugu. If you want to watch star sports live then Wicket TV is the best choice for it. If there is any live cricket going on then chances are that you will be able to watch it on Star Sports 1 live.

Watch Star Sports live

Star sports live

There are several options to watch star sports but people prefer to watch it for free because the purchasing power in India and other Asian countries is pretty low. Although there are a lot of ads on free star sports 1 live streams, the audience does not care and continue to watch it. When it comes to HD and stable streaming then Wicket TV is the best option because we host our feeds on our servers so that you get the best picture quality. Watch experience on Wicket TV is very good and we also understand that our fans do not want to see so man ads so we have decreases the number of ads we place on one page. We select the best available Star Sports 1 live feed. Most of the times it's in 1080p but sometime when our feed suppliers are having issues we can also switch to its SD tranmission.

Watch Star Sports 1 live streaming in Hindi

Hindi is the national language of India and a large number of people prefer to watch Star Sports 1 live streaming in Hindi. Generally international commentry is available in English langauge but good thing about Star Sports 1 is that its available in different languages. When you get live cricket commentry in Hindi it makes watching experience much better. Commentry in Hindi langauge is very spicy and there are a lot of fund going on. Star Sports covers several events like all Indian games, IPL, World Cup & World Cup T20.

Watch Star Sports Without Ads

We understand that no one likes the ads and we respect that. As a fan you also needs to understand that it requires a lot of resources to host Star Sports 1 live streams on our servers and bandwidth costs are very high. Moreover, we get so many legal notices and our laywers are very busy with countering those notices. In order cover our expenditure we place ads on our feeds and since most of the top brands are not willing to work on live sports streaming services so we opt to work with different popunder networks. These ads cover are expenditures and makes a little profit. But dont worry all is not lost, if you are annoyed by the pop ads then there is another solution by which you can watch Star Sports 1 live without ads.

You will have to install a browser called Brave Browser and when you will open our website in brave browser then you will be able to watch several TV channels including Star Sports live without ads.

You might be thinking why you can only watch star sports live without ads only on Brave Browser. in short brave browser is paying the webmasters to run their websites ads free and in return they will pay us in their local currency. Its a very good deal for webmasters as well as cricket fans. Cricket fans can enjoy Star Sports live streaming and webmaster will still make money.

Backup Feeds

As you know our feeds are hosted on our servers but that is not bullet proof setup sometime we get issues with the live streaming so almost all channels are provided with a backup stream. If Star sports live is having issues you can always go back and switch to a backup feed. Its very rare but it can happen as nothing is 100% sure. We also love cricket and belive that no one should be forced to pay to watch their favorite games. All these services are running for the cricket fan and there is very little motivation to make money out of it. Our backup feeds are sourced from suppliers which are not available in the primary feed so our backup feed is very reliable and stable.

Sometime our CDN servers may also have issues like in high voltage they may see a spike in cricket watchers and we may run low on resources in that case you can also switch to the backup feeds.

Our Android app

We get queries about Android apps and there is a good news that our android app is in final stages and soon you will be able to watch Star sports live on our android app. Its going to be a native and we will release more details about it later on. Right now there is very little information.

Star Sports 1 Live English Feed

As you know Star Sports 1 is available in different flavors so we have decided to add two versions of Star Sports 1. Star Sports 1 Hindi live streaming and Star Sports 1 English is available on our site. If there is a match going on then chances are that primary server will have Star Sports 1 English and backup feed will have Star Sports 1 live streaming.

Every single cricket event will have two links available so if any one of the links go down you will have the option to switch and watch from backup feed.

Final Words

Our website is the best solution to watch any cricket game but mylivecricket and crichd are the best alternative solutions. Wicket TV is around for several years and a large number of cricket fans love to watch live cricket streaming from our website. Once you start watching live cricket on our website i am sure that you will like the experience and will keep coming back to our site.

There are several premium options available which can make your watching expereince better but ofcourse its going to be a paid solution which is not feasible for everyone.

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