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Smartcric is the best option available to watch live cricket streaming on your mobile phone. All websites are responsive these days but smartcric is specially built for the android and iPhone users. You can also watch live scores on smartcric.

Smartcric Live Cricket Streaming

Smartcric is available in all countries but most of its users are from India, the USA, Australia & UK. If you want to watch live cricket stream then smartcric is your best bet because it provides superior streaming quality and stable feeds. When it comes to the USA there is only one option available and that is Willow TV. Sometimes cricket games are going on which are not covered by Willow and that makes a huge problem for cricket fans in the USA. The only option available in that case is Smartcric or Wicket TV

Smartcric app for Android & iPhone

Smartcric has currently no app for android and iPhone mainly because of the copyrights issue but also it’s responsive and you can watch live cricket streaming on your iPhone as well as Android smartphones. There was a piece of official news from smartcric team that their developers are working on the Android app but since then there is no update. Keep visiting our website because as soon as there is an update we will post it on our website. Watch live cricket on mobile apps makes a lot of sense mainly because on mobile apps there are no popunders. Only sober ads are available on Google play store. The watch experience on a mobile app is also much better because you can Chromecast the live transmission to your TV and other digital devices.

Live score on Smartcric

smartcric live cricket streaming

Some people have very limited or slow internet speed in India, Pakistan & other African countries. Sometimes they have access to high-speed internet but it’s very expensive. Data services in the United Arab Emirates and other middle eastern countries are very expensive. People in these countries prefer to see the live score on smartcric.

If there is a live cricket even being played in any part of the world then you can watch live cricket streaming as well as live score feed.

Cricket games covered by smartcric

IPL (Indian Premier League)

IPL is India’s premier cricket league and one of the best leagues in the world right now. players from all other countries participate in IPL and make tons of money. It attracts huge fans across the country. Recently people from other countries like UK, USA, AU & UK have started to come and watch live IPL matches in India. Local cricket talent is being polished and then used in the national team of India.

IPL has helped Indian team to find and attract new talent from the grass root. IPL is going to start soon in India and you can watch IPL live on smartcric only.

PSL (Pakistan Super League)

PSL is the second biggest league after IPL. Pakistani players are not allowed to participate in the IPL so they have started their league. PSL games were played in UAE for quite a time but recently they have announced to play all the games in Pakistan. Pakistani grounds are revamped and cricket fans are more than happy to see the national and international players on their home grounds. PSL is breaking records every year and gaining traction. It was very difficult for the local fans to go to Dubai and watch PSL but since PSL is played in Pakistan it gets huge crowds.

Smartcric Copyrights

Smartcric is an unofficial stream provider thus it has no cricket copyrights. it’s an open secret that all cricket streaming websites do not hold any license. As a cricket fan, you can still watch free cricket on smartcric and other similar websites and if there is any issue that will be for the site operators and not you as a visitor. They attract a lot of cricket fans across the globe and they might start buying the cricket copyrights so that they can show it legally.

Cricket Streaming CDN

Hosting live cricket streaming feeds is a very hard task. There is copyright notice sent now and then. Google and all other major search engines are very hard on cricket streaming websites. There is only one website that hosts its streams and that is Wicket TVTo host these live streams it requires a lot of money and patience because no big advertiser is ready to place their ads on your website. Smartcric also licenses their streams from our website thus you get the superior streaming quality.

Major CDN players like Amazon, Microsoft & Google do not support live cricket streaming because of the copyrights issues so its very expensive to find a reliable CDN provider who can host cricket feeds. We have developer our CDN to host our feeds and as a result, the user gets the superior watching experience. Our CDN can handle millions of live users.

Watch Smartcric without ads

There is no easy way to watch live cricket streaming without ads but we have a partnership with Brave Browser to provide ads-free cricket streaming to our users. You will have to download the brave browser and open our website on it to avoid all the annoying ads.

When you will open our website on Brave Browser you will get to watch cricket streaming without ads and we get paid by the Brave Browser. It’s a very innovative idea to persuade webmasters to drop their ads and still get paid. Just like you we also don’t like to run ads on our websites but because of the high expenditures, we are forced to do so.

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