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Islambad United Players & Squad PSL 2019

Islamabad united players have proved themselves in the last season. Islamabad united is one of the most favorite team in PSL and have won the last season as well.

As we all know PSL 2019 draft is already done and players are selected for the 2019 teams. The schedule for the PSL is not released yet.

PSL 2019 Islamabad United Squad

Player NameCategory
Luke RonchiPlatinum
Shadab KhanPlatinum
Faheem AshrafPlatinum
Asif AliDiamond
Mohammad SamiDiamond
Ian BellDiamond
Rumman RaeesGold
Samit PatelGold
Phil SaltGold
Hussain TalatSilver
Waqas MaqsoodSilver
Sahibzada FarhanSilver
Zafar GoharSilver
Cameron DelportSilver
Mohammad MusaEmerging
Nasir NawazEmerging
Wayne ParnellSupplementary
Zahir KhanSupplementary
Amad ButtSupplementary
Rizwan HussainSupplementary

Islamabad United PSL 2019 Playing XI

Player NamePlaying Role
Luke RonchiWK
Shadab KhanAllRounder
Faheem AshrafAllRounder
Samit PatelAllRounder
Hussain TalatAllRounder
Nasir NawazAllRounder
Amad ButtAllRounder
Asif AliBatsman
Ian BellBatsman
Phil SaltBatsman
Sahibzada FarhanBatsman
Cameron DelportBatsman
Mohammad SamiBowler
Rumman RaeesBowler
Waqas MaqsoodBowler
Zafar GoharBowler
Mohammad MusaBowler
Wayne ParnellBowler
Zahir KhanBowler
Rizwan HussainBowler

PSL 2019 Islamabad United Players By Country

Player NameCountry
Luke RonchiNZ
Asif AliENG
Ian BellENG
Nasir NawazENG
Amad ButtPAK
Cameron DelportPAK
Faheem AshrafPAK
Hussain TalatPAK
Mohammad SamiPAK
Phil SaltPAK
Rizwan HussainPAK
Sahibzada FarhanPAK
Samit PatelPAK
Shadab KhanPAK
Waqas MaqsoodPAK
Wayne ParnellPAK
Zafar GoharPAK
Zahir KhanPAK
Mohammad MusaSA
Rumman RaeesSA

Islamabad United has the skilled players that can win the PSL this year as well. PSL season 4 will be the ultimate test for the Islamabad united to see if they can keep the winning streak.